Digimatic High Resolution-Functionality Indicator ID-H 30.4mm

Digimatic High Resolution-Functionality Indicator ID-H 30.4mm

Functions: Preset, Zeroset, GO/±NG judgement, Max/Min value hold, Runout, Resolution switching, Counting direction switching, Power ON/OFF, Data output, Inch/mm readout. Alarm: Counting value composition error, Overflow error, Tolerance limit setting error.

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  • This new-generation digital indicator offers the excellent accuracy and functionality expected from the top class of indicator. Take advantage of its high accuracy backed up by 0.5µm / .00002" resolution, remote control functionality via a handheld controller (or an RS-232C interface) and easy runout measurements with the well established analog bar display.
  • Maximum, minimum, or runout values can be displayed during measurement.
  • GO/±NG judgement is performed by setting upper and lower limits. if a judgement result shows an out of tolerance condition, the display backlighting changes from green to red, so tolerance judgement can be made at a glance.
  • An analog bar indicator is integrated so that visualizing the fall of measurements within limits is as easy as with a dial indicator. The display range of the analog bar can be set to suit the application.
  • SPC data output.
  • RS-232C input/output.

  • Reference:543-561D
  • Brand:Mitutoyo
  • Measurement Units:Millimetre
  • Range:30.4mm
  • Accuracy:0.0015 mm
  • Display type:Digital
  • Resolution:0.001/0.0005 mm
  • Measuring force:≤2.0N
  • Data output:Yes
  • Power supply:6V DC Power Supply
  • Acceptable stem sizes:Ø8 mm
  • Stylus:Carbide
  • Flat:Flat
  • Weight:290g