Digimatic Signal Cable 2M with straight plug

Digimatic Signal Cable 2M with straight plug

2m (80") cable with straight plug.

For use with :
Dig. Indicator (Series 543, 547, 575)
Dig. Thickness Gauge (Serie 547)
Dig. Caliper (Series 500 except IP65/66/67 models, 551, 552, 573)
Dig. Height Gauge (S. 192, 570, 571 exc. IP65/66/67 models)
Dig. Depth Gauge (S. 547)
Portable Hardness Tester (S. 811)
Dig. Bore Gauge (S. 511)
Dig. Scale (S. 572 exc. IP65/66/67 models)
Dig. Micrometer Head (S. 164)

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These cables are used to connect Mitutoyo measuring instruments that feature a Digimatic interface.
Mitutoyo’s Digimatic interface not only allows connection of numerous additional devices such as printers, counters and the like, but also enables connection of one or more Digimatic measuring instruments to a PC by using a Mitutoyo transmitter and an RS-232C signal cable.

  • Reference:905409
  • Brand:Mitutoyo
  • Length:2m / 80"
  • Plug:Straight